After completing the MFA graduate program at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1963, I moved to NYC and exhibited in a few galleries over the next 10 years; among them were the Park Place Gallery and the Robert Graham Gallery in Manhattan – and the Dwan Gallery in Los Angeles.

I had resided in New York about ten years when I met an artist who had recently begun tattooing in his studio and was doing well. I became interested and began learning the process of tattooing. Eventually I acquired the necessary equipment, moved to New Orleans and opened a shop in the heart of the French Quarter. A year later I moved back to California and over the next 10 years opened and operated tattoo shops in San Diego, Monterey, and Salinas. Finally, I moved back “home” to San Francisco and opened a shop in the Mission District. A few years later I developed chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had to retire from the tattoo business.

I still had a lifelong passion for creating images and about a year after I quit tattooing I was inspired to try painting with an airbrush. I quickly discovered that a high degree of realism could be achieved with an airbrush. Eventually, I began incorporating traditional brush methods again, along with the airbrush. I exhibited these paintings for several years at the Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco.

In 2008, I became interested in making prints of my paintings. After some research I learned about digital printing and located a printer, capable of photographing paintings and creating museum quality prints, and this progression eventually led me to add digital painting tools to the traditional painting tools and techniques I have honed for over 50 years. 

After re-painting, restructuring, revising, fine tuning and completing the image digitally, a Printed Image is the Final Product - a limited edition museum quality print. 

Basically, I began doing this to make my images more accessible (affordable) to the general public, but then became so involved in the unlimited image creating possibilities of “painting with Light”, that I developed this as my personal method of visual expression.